As an inventor or medical practitioner, chances are you do not have the resources at hand to commercialize a medical device. You may not have the inclination either. Commercialization is a time-consuming, expensive process that involves many engineering and regulatory hurdles. It may be too daunting a task to tackle yourself.

Many of the people that come to us simply have a sketch on a napkin or an idea in their head. They are professionals with other careers and don’t have time to invest.

The good news is, EMCI specializes in partnering with inventors. We build customized partnerships that give you the amount of involvement in the process that you want, and leaves the rest to us. More often than not, partnerships can be arranged with no money out-of-pocket from the inventor. EMCI accomplishes this via multiple paths. We may choose to invest in your invention in exchange for equity in the product. If you prefer, we can assist you in applying for grant funding for your invention and explore other paths.

Our many years of experience developing and manufacturing our products, managing inventory and distribution, performing service and repair, and dealing with US and international regulatory bodies allow you to have a professional face to the market without investing tens or hundreds of thousands of your own dollars.

When we partner on a project, we are focused on two goals: producing devices that help people, and making a profit for EMCI and the inventor.