Our Vision and Mission

EMCI is a premier, quintessential medical-device developer that creates human health-advancing, market-dominating products. EMCI seeks and develops disruptive technologies in a wide array of medical disciplines. EMCI translates high-level scientific research and medical innovation into market-ready devices.

EMCI achieves its vision by:

  • Building a dynamic, project-oriented team of employees, contractors, and strategic partners to benefit all stakeholders
  • Advancing concepts through internal product development, licensing, and partnering
  • Growing organically by generating free cash flow from EMCI’s own products to allow development of licensed and partnered technologies
  • Exploring all avenues to bring more investment to our product development process
  • Acting at all times as a high-quality, reliable, and ethical partner
  • Evaluating a high number of new scientific breakthroughs and selecting those with the most potential for enhancing human life
  • Focusing on technologies that show great scientific and financial potential
  • Pursuing an engineering and regulatory strategy that maximizes speed to market while minimizing costs
  • Staying abreast of the latest innovations, research, and manufacturing techniques to provide up-to-date solutions