We Are Innovators

EMCI is a premier, quintessential medical device developer that creates human health-advancing, market-dominating products. EMCI works with and assists others in bringing fresh medical device concepts and innovations to a market-ready state. EMCI plays an important role in making the Kansas City region in general, and Kansas in particular, a hotbed of medical device innovation.

We Are Partners

Working with innovators is what we do. . . every single day. We have the expertise to understand where you are in the process, and we can help to show you the “lay of the land” when it comes to bringing your idea from concept to commercial product.

We Are Quality Minded

Because of our unique experience, we bring a great deal of emphasis on quality to each product we take on. We don’t just engineer – we improve.


We work with medical device innovators on a regular basis. These inventions range from hand-drawn sketches all the way to fully functioning prototypes.

Whatever level of work you've completed, we can take it the rest of the way through the prototyping process. Once the design is complete and approved by all parties, it moves to our regulatory area for further development. EMCI will stay engaged in the process until the product is on the shelf.


No matter what product we are developing or manufacturing, our employees make continuous improvement more than a slogan or catch phrase. We strive to improve every process and every device, every day.

Culture of improvement is what really counts. That culture is firmly embedded throughout EMCI.


We understand that quality is of the utmost importance, and that lives are at stake with medical devices.

All of our manufacturing partners are heavily vetted and are tightly controlled by our regulatory system and by a culture of improvement and quality.