Galileo™ Tactile Stimulus System

galileo_openThe Galileo™ is an 8-channel, pneumatic evoked response tactile stimulator that is used to activate populations of low-threshold, rapidly conducting mechanoreceptive afferents in soft tissues overlying joints and muscles. Stimulus response is ideally suited for two of the most skilled sensorimotor systems of the human body; the hand (manipulation) and orofacial (speech) systems. Because of its natural, punctate stimulus, it recruits nerves in the correct order and creates an interference-free signal. It is the first tactile stimulator designed to be used in fMRI and other magnetic imaging suites, using only plastic contacts and air to create the stimulus.

With an 9 ms rise time at 17′ tube length and 11ms rise time at 25′, this evoked response stimulator is ideally suited for use in fMRI, MEG, EEG, and PET environments. Each channel is equipped with TTL output ports which can synchronize to imaging systems. The dedicated TTL input can be used to start a sequence from another piece of hardware or software, or USB can be used in conjunction with other industry software and hardware to do event-based stimulus triggering.

The Galileo™ has been designed with the researcher in mind. The software and hardware controls allow complete customization of pneumatic frequency, pulse trains and patterns, and wave height. The tuning feature allows you to read the waveform directly from one of the nodes (of your choice) and tweak the wave in the software. The software also includes counterbalanced and random modes, making it perfect for research studies.

Academic discounts and flexible, interest-free payment terms are available for this device.

This device is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease or condition.