Flexi-Lume™ Multi-Light Dental LED System

Flexilume 4EMCI is proud to introduce the Flexi-Lume™, a multi-function LED that conveniently directs light where you need it. And not just any light; the Flexi-Lume™ can produce a wide variety of lights through a single, flexible pole that you position right where you need it. The light comes standard with daylight, fluorescent, curing light, bleaching light, transdental illuminator, and a mode that increases the amount of time you can work with UV cured products, all in one compact, headrest-mounted unit. Other optional modes are available including incandescent, tungsten, and halogen. The light is available in a wide variety of headrest colors to match your existing dental chairs, and installation takes just seconds.

Flexilume 3Every detail of this light has been thoughtfully engineered with you in mind. The controls operate on a simple touch of tactile strips on the rear of the headrest, which you can operate without taking your eyes off of the patient. The positionable Flexi-Light stays right where you put it, and eliminates the clutter of overhead lights and other expensive secondary systems. A Flexi-Lume™ replaces every light that you use in your practice, at a fraction of the cost of the bulkier, non-directed lighting systems.

Flexilume 1This patented lighting system is only available from EMCI. Interested in outfitting multiple chairs or need custom colors? You can speak to a sales representative at 913-432-5321 to inquire about quantity discounts and flexible, zero-interest financing options.